How Not to Get Tenure


Emperors (short story, about 15 pages)
Detlev Grundig is going on two centuries old. His social life is subpar, he is thirty kilos overweight as someone else’s fashion statement, and his third marriage (to the same woman) is a bit stale. He is also being followed by some guy for unclear reasons.
Links: – Part 1Part 2Part 3
Ja and the Devil (novelette – Coming Soon)
Ja doesn’t quite fit in with her family, her friends or her clan. Sure, she’s as lethal with a sling as the next woman, and even kind of attractive (in a nerdy sort of way), but she likes scrolls and books and numbers. What’s a girl to do? Join a suicidal mission to a deadly, ancient fortress, that’s what.
A Cure for Magic (short story – Coming Someday)
Genetic treatments have made mental illness a largely historical concept, but Freddy seems to have slipped through the cracks. Lucky for him, there’s a researcher who is looking for brains like his (bad ones, that is).
Lia (novelette – Almost Certainly Coming Eventually)
A down-and-out public defender’s unrequited childhood love shows up on his doorstep, asking him to hide a few things for her. She’s a genius with a troubled past and ties to a mysterious biotech organization. He’s a guy who once won a contest for hiding a dummy.
Charles (non-sci-fi flash fiction – Coming At My Whimsy)
With something this short, a description might be longer than the actual story…

NOTES ABOUT THIS PAGE:I’m new at this whole “writing” thing ((Tragically, when I get new ideas, the innocent people — you, for instance — suffer.)), but I’ve found it is a very effective way to avoid doing other things ((Grading papers, doing research, calling my Mom… things like that)). I’d like to get better, but I’m not sure how to improve. So, I’m screwing up my courage ((The internet is, apparently, the sticking-place)), letting it all hang out, and seeing where the chips fall, even if it’s to their deaths. Poor chips. They never had a chance.Mostly I write pulpy science fiction of the “social” or “soft” variety. Exceptions will be noted. All comments, criticisms, thoughts, diatribes, etc. are welcome, but if you have something particularly hurty to say, and you are my friend, relative or Mom, I suggest you put a fake name (like “GWB”) and fake email (like “”) in the comment form. This will help save my tender feelings while still giving me important feedback.