War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is imminence.

Dear conservatives with conspiracy theories about Obama’s birthplace, FEMA concentration camps, the Affordable Care Act, and gun control:

This is the real conspiracy, you idiots.

The rest is just political theater, and your political leaders are partnering up with Democrat leaders and the media to keep your focus on anything–anything–else. Democrat politicians won’t talk about this because it might weaken their hold on the White House. Conservative politicians won’t talk about it because our current president has found a way to get golden eggs from the Republican goose, and those Republicans really, really, really don’t want to kill that goose. I’m sure they have highly specific plans for it once the Oval Office turns a bit redder.

(Okay, I’m sort of sorry for calling some people idiots, but seriously… it really seems to me that anyone who claims to care about threats to the constitution but is not bothered by this stuff is either mind-bogglingly hypocritical, borderline delusional, or just seriously, seriously ignorant of the existence and reality of these issues.)