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quiet morning

I’m up too early, as usual. I need a couple more hours of sleep, given how late I stayed up. As usual. The cat is being very strange. Last night, he didn’t beg for dinner (and didn’t finish it all at once!). This morning, he’s acting like 7:30 is just any old regular time of day. We think maybe he’s sick or something. Or perhaps he’s found ways to forage for extra food that we have neglected to cat-proof. The little beast really will eat anything.

Last night’s Scrabble score (woo hoo!):
A: 268
D: 303

berries etc.

Last night’s winner: me. I almost broke 300 points, too :). Woo hoo! In other news, John Edwards is running for president. Hasn’t he had enough abject failure for one lifetime?

Alex and I are watching season 2 of The Office (American version). I like it, but it’s painful to watch the constant embarrassment and social offense. Kind of like what Drew Barrymore’s co-worker says in Never Been Kissed: “It’s like watching the All-Humiliation Network.” I made a comment about Jim (the hero) that Alex thought I should share. I said something like, “He’s the guy in the lifeboat who keeps everyone from eating each other.”

So there you go.