Alex played bass, Daddy sang tenor…

Alex rocking out on Christmas Day.

News: I avoided getting beaten by Alex at Scrabble by not playing it with her yesterday. It was a happy day, after all, not one for deep misery and disappointment.

We went to church at her Hamilton ward (which is, in truth, a bit dull, but there were 2 very good speakers). Alex struggled to stay awake. So did I. Home for naps. New Year’s goals, then off to the Wrights’ house in Guelph. There, we sang for people, sang with people, played Xbox with the boys, held the brand new baby, and stayed up until 2:30 having a very interesting doctrinal discussion with JW & KW. Made me want to go learn something about Abraham (besides the song “Father Abraham… had seven sons…”).

It’s 2007. I graduated from high school 20 years ago in a few months… I remember at that time, wondering if a) 2007 would ever even come, b) if there really was life after high school, and c) if everyone in or near major cities would be blown up or killed by radiation poisoning from Soviet nukes before I could find out.

Sometimes the world changes in good ways.